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Preparation for School Program


Edelweiss Child Care Centre offers a 'Preparation for School' program and a long day care centre under the one roof. Our team of highly trained educators provide a play-based learning program that will support your child in learning the skills they will need for school years and beyond. During play your child will acquire the use of language, form and test hypotheses, share, turn take, negotiate, problem-solve and develop key mathematical ideas.


At Edelweiss Child Care Centre the aim is to ensure that your child has a smooth transition to the school environment. Programming is reflective of and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Government Education: 'Preparing your Child' document. Edelweiss Child Care Centre takes into consideration that children learn in different ways and we tailor the program to suit each individual child's needs.


Learning should be a positive experience and is viewed to be ongoing as children progress towards the learning outcomes in different yet equally meaningful ways.


While Edelweiss Child Care Centre will best prepare your little one for their school years, there are also some things you can do at home to support their school readiness. A few suggestions below:


  • Encourage recognition of your child's name, objects, colours and numbers

  • Encourage self-help skills by ensuring your child dresses themselves

  • Facilitate your child's learning through discussions, asking questions, counting and writing 

  • Read to your child each day. Research indicates huge benefits for children who read daily.

  • Encourage personal hygiene by allowing your child to toilet independently including wiping themselves

  • Encourage independence by giving your child responsibilities and showing enthusiasm when they attempt to complete tasks. 


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